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As more and more of our personal and business lives move online these will become the standards we come to expect. At kampala 100 we embrace these concepts and strive to include them in everything we do. What are your expectations of an online presentation? See our principle and decide now why you should try us to develop for you this concept at kampala 100;


#1 Available – Access anywhere you have an Internet connection and a browser, nothing to install, upgrade or manage, just log-in, get your work done, log off AND deliver consistent results on every platform Mac/iOS, PC, Chrome OS, Android etc., no cross platform or software version concerns. Every time you log in you get the latest updates (no upgrade to wait months or years for).

#2 Complete – The ability to manage the entire life cycle of your presentation from concept through creation and iteration through to publishing, sharing, interaction, versioning, tracking and archival.

#3 Connected – Allow you to quickly find resources (content and services from a variety of sources like your desktop, your shared library (i.e. your coworkers / organization, the Internet, the kampala 100 Marketplace, the community) and rapidly utilize them to assemble and tell your story.

#4 Collaborative – Work in concert with your colleagues, your partners, your agencies and vendors and of course customers and prospects using a shared library of assets and work-flows that lets everyone contribute across time and space.

#5 Nimble – Let’s you conduct business communications in a way that’s better, faster, cheaper and more adaptive than before. This is achieved by side stepping or reinventing the way things are done e.g. Send an easy to use click-able link instead of a large file attached to an email.

#6 Dynamic – Include dynamic functionality, content and data  from both public and private sources to keep your story evergreen and up to date.

#7 Secure – Securely stored in the cloud with the ability to allow and restrict access in a customizable way.

#8 Measured – Inform you about who’s viewing your content, where they are, what they think, how they interacted and what they did or didn’t do after watching your presentation.